CNC Router Maintenance Guide for Longevity and Efficiency

CNC Router Maintenance Guide for Longevity and Efficiency

In essence, CNC router maintenance is a crucial set of tasks and checks that should be routinely conducted to optimise the performance and lifespan of your Tekcel CNC router. It not only prevents unexpected equipment failures but also extends the machine's operational life, thereby ensuring the continued efficiency of your production operations.

Creating the Perfect Environment for CNC Routers - The environment in which your CNC router is placed significantly influences its performance and longevity. Ideally, the machine should be positioned in a clean, dry space free from excessive humidity and dust.  Reducing the presence of debris and moisture helps mitigate the risk of these elements infiltrating the machine and causing premature wear or operational problems.

Ensure you incorporate these essential steps into your regular maintenance routine - The path to a well-maintained machine is just a checklist away!

Thorough Cleaning - Regularly clean your machine to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris build up. Pay special attention to critical components like the linear guide rails and ball screws. Utilise our recommended products to carefully clean key areas of the machine to maintain tip top performance.

Greasing & Lubrication  - Greasing & lubricating is part and parcel of ongoing maintenance and should be carried out in accordance with the recommended maintenance schedules prompted by the machine’s firmware (Maintenance check sheets available upon request) Moving parts such as the ball screw and linear guide bearings do require greasing, but only when prompted. Over greasing can create issues, so be mindful of where & when to do this. Using the correct & recommended grease & lubrication is paramount to your machine’s performance and longevity and will help with unnecessary wear and tear.


Computer Checks and Software Updates  - The computer controlling your CNC machine is its core. Regular checks help detect software glitches, outdated firmware, or hardware malfunctions early on. Don't hesitate to schedule professional service if needed.

Mist Coolant System checks -  All Tekcel systems fitted with a Mist Coolant system can cut Non Ferrous metals. Make sure you’re using the correct Mist Coolant fluid for your system and make sure these Mist Coolant units are regularly topped up with coolant, so your ready to cut metal at any time. Remember, if your Tekcel system doesn’t have a Mist Coolant unit fitted, then just ask and we can upgrade your system to have one at any stage.

Routine Inspections- Be proactive about inspecting your machine for signs of wear and tear. Loose bolts, frayed wires or any unusual noise or movement should be addressed promptly. Think of it as your machine communicating its health status.

Operator Training - Knowledge is power. Ensure all your machine operators are well-trained, up to date and knowledgeable about best operational practices, techniques & CAD CAM software. Regular refresher training days onsite or at our premises can help prevent wasted materials, downtime and loss of production. Ask about onsite training Now

Essential Spare Parts for Smooth Maintenance – it’s a good idea to keep some of the essentials to hand just in case you need a replacement.  Here are some key spare parts  to consider and please contact us if you need anything else.