Complete CNC Solutions offers a programme of support to help companies considering whether to acquire a CNC router. This programme is freely available to qualified companies and its output is a well-reasoned installation case and plan.

This page will help companies operating in the sign and allied industries and those in various fabrication service sectors to consider whether a CNC router would represent a profitable and practical acquisition for their businesses.

Do I need a Computerised Router?

If your business profits from supplying products made from a range of rigid sheet materials, such as signs, plastics profiles or wooden fabrications, there is a very high probability that installing a computerised router would help you improve service levels, manage product quality and capture more of the available margin.

 Would I need to hire very highly skilled operators?

Were you to install the wrong hardware, you may require very specialised staff to operate it. The Tekcel CNC Router solutions that Complete CNC Solutions proposes however are designed to be easy to operate and we can train any practically inclined person to do amazing thing with them. Chances are, you already have your operators.

 Are my premises suitable for the installation of a CNC Router?

There’s no getting away from it, you need dedicated space operate a computerised router. Not much of it though. Routing hardware is available in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of companies with similarly diverse requirements. We have installation successfully operating in some most unlikely places. Part of our planning service extends the needed advise in this respect.

 What are the major benefits of installing a Tekcel CNC Router?

 1: Control

Reliance on a sub-contracted manufacturing service works very well most of the time but on every occasion it has some risk associated with it. Concerns may include quality, commercial confidentiality, delivery deadline management, escalation of costs and more. Have your own production and capacity confers great security and helps you be much more responsive to your customers’ needs.

 2: Costs

If you operate your own production, your costs will naturally be lower. You can negotiate your own terms for material supply and leasing arrangement make it very practical for most companies to have a machine on the floor for a modest monthly outgoing. You’ll capture more of every penny a job is worth and have the opportunity to add much greater value. You can even open new income channels by making products you’d otherwise not consider profitable.

 3: Quality

You’ll have your own standards of product and service quality. You’ll know the costs to your reputation if they slip. Having a CNC routing system in house doesn’t just protect those standards, it turns them into a competitive edge for your business. The Tekcel routing systems we supply produce exemplary quality output. It’s the sort of quality that’ll keep customers coming back for more.

 4: Flexibility and Versatility

With a modern CNC router in house and a supply of materials to feed it, there’s little that you can’t make and make profitably. With one of our routers powering your business, you can use its sheet versatility to pursue profitable growth. You can achieve your goal and make yours a more successful business. You can “try things” and not have to explain your actions or intent. Your ideas are your own. So are your customers.

 5: Finance and Affordability

This is the big one when it comes to deciding whether or not you are ready for a CNC router. However, 99% of all Complete CNC Solutions router sales are financed through leasing companies and the benefits far outweigh a cash purchase for any potential buyer. It’s as simple as a deposit and then equal monthly or quarterly payments for the duration of the agreed term. Of course, there’s some basic criteria to cover off, but once this information is to hand, financing agreement decisions can be made within a matter of hours. Check out our online leasing finance calculator to see if this suits your budget.

 What are the next steps I should take so I can consider the facts?

That’s simple. Pick up the phone to Complete CNC Solution or Email us and we can call you at a time to suit. We’ll ask a few questions and offer you our view as they relate to you exact circumstances. Now is the time to do this. Even if you’re not going to be ready to install a machine for a year, the work you put into research now will pay you big dividends. It’s our mission to help you find the right hardware for your needs. It’s our mission to ensure it can deliver when you hit your growth spurt. It’s our mission to make sure that you operate profitably and to support you at every milestone.

It’s your future. Now’s the time to start planning it.