Controller & Touch Screen Upgrade


Time and technology wait for no-one but Complete CNC Solutions and Tekcel won’t let events overtake you. We think our computerised routing hardware has the best brains in the business and is the easiest and most productive to use. That’s because we have a world class motion control system, and a unique, state of the art touchscreen interface. If you’d like to bring your long-installed Tekcel router up to date with today’s best router control technology - give us a call.

Our design architectures works right around the concept of technology imposed obsolescence. Tekcel routers endure years of relentless production and can be upgraded to deliver years and years more. All that’s needed is the latest control system.

Durable and well considered engineering underpins all Tekcel computerised routing hardware. Electronic hardware though, that operates on a different timeframe such is the pace of development and the progress that’s made. Rather than leave you behind though, Tekcel architecture keeps you on the journey and protects your investment. You can bring your hardware alongside the latest with a controller upgrade.


Our latest touchscreen controller is the sum of all we know about making complex machine operations simple. It’s intuitive in the extreme. And it’s forgiving if you do fat-finger something. That kind of ease of use gives router operators access to more of the system’s power. They can confidently engage the deepest machine functions and make the most amazing output. They can get more out of every minute and every scrap of material.

With a touchscreen upgrade you’ll bring your Tekcel router into the realms of the current systems. Systems that are acknowledged as being the very best in class. You older Tekcel doesn’t have to stay that way. Give it a new lease of life and power you never imagined it had.