If there’s a common theme discussed on Complete CNC’s stands at Sign Industry Trade Shows, this is it…

How Can I achieve the kind of output quality that Complete CNC Solutions Achieves at Trade Shows?

 We hear it a lot.

 “We can’t get this kind of quality with our router. These Tekcel machines are amazing.”

 We agree. Tekcel routers are amazing. What’s equally jaw dropping though is that we, Complete CNC Solutions, are in a position to help owners of practically ANY CNC router improve the quality they’re going to get. That comes as news to most of the people we speak to.

 If you’d like to know how we can help - just spend the next two minutes reading on, and the ten minutes following that, to pick up the phone.

 It starts with the finish.  What gets most visitors to our strands pretty animated is the sheer quality of the output we can achieve, right there, right then, with no tricks or behind-the-scenes magic going on. Our routers hum along with no drama. The waste is cleanly removed. What comes off the bed has the best finished edges most people have ever seen or felt.

If you want that kind of quality, you can do exactly what we do and achieve it. That’d involve the purchase of a Tekcel router. Some very good quality training. And a new look at the way you deal with cutters. If biting the whole meal off at once sounds like a bit much, just talk to us about cutters and training. We can’t turn your router into a Tekcel, but we can get you into a position where you’ll be more than happy with the quality you can achieve while you’re using it.


We have a huge range of cutters and router tooling. That’s because there’s a huge range of materials out there and we want our customers to be able to cut them all effortlessly and achieve those brilliant results you see at the shows. Chances are, you only want to cut a relative handful of material types. All you need is the right cutter and some guidance in its use.

How does this work? What do I do next?

Call us.

 We’ll start by considering the collets your machine was supplied with. There’s a very high probability that you’re using the ones your machine was fitted with when you bought it. Chances are they’re not great and that they’re years old and worn. It’s pointless putting an application-specific cutter in a worn collet. The cutter will wear out in no time and you’ll be no further forward. New collets don’t cost much at all. The money they save in worn tooling, wasted time and trashed materials is nothing less than STAGGERING.

We’ll next look a material you’re cutting - chances are it’ll be acrylic, and we’ll introduce you to a cutter made specifically for getting optimum results from it. We’ll show you how to use it. We’ll show you what you need to do to get the longest life from it. You’ll go off and put your new learning into practice.

You’ll be amazed at the transformation you achieve. Just by changing your collet and cutter.

The next step is yours. You’ll probably seek our advice on other materials and you’ll want to come back to use for more cutters that keep you functioning optimally. No problem. All of our cutters are available online in our Router Tooling and Cutter Shop. We’re only a phone call away when you need advice too.

We update this section of our website regularly and routinely add articles that will help you get more from your routing system, whatever its make.