There’s no substitute for having a router bed that’s as close to the concept of perfect flatness as it’s possible to get. We’re offering a service that’ll get you there…

Tekcel CNC Routers lead the hard lives they’re designed to endure without complaint and go on producing the goods year in and out. Take a close look at the machine’s mechanics - they’ll be spot on. Take a look at the output - it’ll be great. Take a look at the bed though…

Most beds on CNC routers bear a battle scar or two. Some look like they’ve been mercilessly carved and beat to within an inch. The good news is that Complete CNC Solutions will come in, remove the old, on with the new, calibrate the Tool Length Sensor and skim the surface to pristine flatness.

Why should I flatten my bed?

A nice flat bed on a router is going to yield better output results. It helps the vacuum hold-down better establish a “seal” and so practically eliminates a source of work-piece chatter. A better seal means less chance of work-pieces moving and so wasting the material. The known datum or bed position is more accurately reflected too so that chances of repeated cut through are minimised.

A flatter bed would enable the better use of a sacrificial material if you need to cut beyond the back of your material too. Using a low-cost vacuum permeable material, such as MDF, maintains the good condition of your primary bed surface for those cutting applications that demand it.

How do I get my CNC Router’s bed flat?

The easy way is to call in the experts, Complete CNC Solutions, and have us do it for you. With our expertise applied, getting the old bed covering off and the new one on will happen with minimal disruption. We’ll then calibrate and skim the bed so that its flatness relates directly to the machine’s gantry using a specialised cutter and that’s the job done. Your machine will perform optimally and even look better.

What’s next?

Call us.

We’ll arrange a visit that’s convenient for both of us and come and get the job done. While we’re there why not ask us to talk through our latest router tooling and cutters with you and check out your collets. Attend to that as well and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d had a major hardware overhaul when you see the results you’ll get.

This service isn’t costly. The results are priceless though.