Correx is an AMAZING, low-cost and light weight material. If you’re not making more than just signboards with it, you may be missing out…

Q: Can you cut Correx with a router?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: What sort of cutter do you need?
A: Read on…

Correx is a wonderfully versatile material. It’s light, and, for its weight, it’s surprisingly stiff thanks to its novel fluted structure. Compared to other rigid materials, Correx is available at relatively low cost too. No wonder then, that sign and graphics producers everywhere have been sticking vinyl graphics and digital print on Correx and using it to produce all manner of low costs signs for years.

Correx is typically knife-cut into conveniently sized and generally square or oblong shaped pieces for use as a sign blank by sign and graphics producers. Those who’re equipped with flatbed digital cutting hardware occasionally explore more adventurous geometries; circles, ogees, triangles and the like. Such shapes are produced using steered knives and then serve as blanks for signs.

If, you’re lucky enough though to be equipped with a computer controlled router, Complete CNC Solutions can supply you with a rather special cutter. With our cutter, it’s called a COR 01 by the way, you can use your router to produce really detailed and complex shapes in Correx in addition to the simple stuff - imagine what you could make… We’ve been routing Correx on our machines for years.

You can rout Correx using our special COR 01 cutter in much the same way as you would rout other rigid material. Thanks to its small and compact profile, there’s little in the way of waste either. Edges are nice and clean and the feed rate and tool life impressive.

You can of course transform the Correx shapes you cut by laminating the material with coloured materials such as self-adhesive vinyl. You’ll find the process easier if you laminate the sheet before routing it. Our cutter makes that possible. Once you’ve laminated your sheet, rout it in reverse and with the coloured face downward. The COR 01 will cleanly cut the Correx sheet and the vinyl in one pass and won’t lift the edge of the applied vinyl.

Correx is great for sign blanks. With a Complete CNC Solution COR 01 in your router though you can make light fabrication elements, lettering, decorative detailing and much more beside. You can make money too - Correx after all is affordable, versatile and available - make more of it, with Complete CNC Solutions.