10 Tips for Successful Aluminium Cutting with CNC Routers

Home>Posts>Blog10 Tips for Successful Aluminium Cutting with CNC RoutersIn the realm of precision machining, CNC routers have emerged as indispensable instruments, offering unmatched precision and productivity. When it comes to cutting aluminium—a material prized for its strength and adaptability—mastering the CNC router becomes an art form. Here we’ll look at ten strategies to ensure your aluminium cutting with CNC routers … Read More

Mastering the Art of Tekcel CNC Router Speeds and Feeds: A Comprehensive Guide

Home>Posts>BlogMastering the Art of Tekcel CNC Router Speeds and Feeds: A Comprehensive GuideWelcome to our comprehensive guide on mastering the art of Tekcel CNC router speeds and feeds! In the world of CNC machining, understanding and optimising speeds and feeds is crucial for achieving superior results in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and surface finish. With Tekcel CNC routers already popular … Read More

CNC Routers For Sign Making

Home>Posts>BlogCNC Routers For Sign MakingChoosing the right CNC router for sign making can significantly enhance your productivity and output quality. Gone are the days of manual shaping with hand routers or saws; today’s technology offers precision and efficiency like never before. In the realm of sign making, versatility is key. Whether you’re crafting simple flat cut letters or intricate illuminated … Read More

Cutting Acrylic With Your CNC Router

Home>Posts>BlogCutting Acrylic With Your CNC RouterAcrylic, a versatile and durable plastic, reigns supreme in the world of CNC machining for its transparency and resilience. To harness its full potential, here are essential tips for seamless acrylic cutting on your Tekcel CNC router. Setting Up Your CNC Machine For Acrylic: To ensure precision and optimum performance, follow these steps Material Hold … Read More

Collets: An Essential Tool

Home>Posts>BlogCollets: An Essential ToolIn machining, the stability of a workpiece is crucial but also correct tooling plays a vital role in ensuring quality too. Alongside the tools are the collets. These very important parts are key to securing cutters & tool bits firmly in place during machining operations. Let’s delve into the world of collets, exploring their functions, features, and … Read More

Calling all converters: How CNC Routers Elevate Vehicle Conversions

Home>Posts>BlogCalling all converters: How CNC Routers Elevate Vehicle ConversionsIntroduction: In recent times, the popularity of vehicle conversions has soared, captivating more enthusiasts seeking the freedom and thrill of a customised home on wheels. Revolutionising the production of these conversions, the Tekcel CNC Router stands out as an indispensable tool. This article delves into the reasons why incorporating a CNC Router … Read More

The Right tool for the job

Home>Posts>BlogThe Right tool for the jobAchieving a superior finish in CNC cutting involves several critical factors, ranging from minimising vibrations and securing a strong vacuum hold on the material to the careful selection of the right tool bit. Despite their compact size, CNC tooling wields considerable power in delivering the desired outcome. Choosing the appropriate CNC tool bit is paramount, … Read More

What is the cutting speed of a CNC router?

Home>Posts>BlogWhat is the cutting speed of a CNC router?The cutting speed of a CNC router refers to the rate at which the router moves through the material while the cutting tool is engaged. It’s essentially the speed at which the magic happens, turning your design dreams into precision-cut reality! Why does cutting speed matter? Optimising cutting speed is crucial for … Read More

Unravelling the Mystery: Common themes overlooked with CNC Routers

Home>Posts>BlogUnravelling the Mystery: Common themes overlooked with CNC RoutersLet’s look at the intricacies of CNC Routers, the backbone of modern manufacturing equipment. As seasoned professionals in the CNC Router industry, we understand the challenges that arise during CNC machining. In this guide, we’ll shed some light on the most common themes overlooked when CNC routing and provide insightful solutions to … Read More

CNC Router Maintenance Guide for Longevity and Efficiency

Home>Posts>BlogCNC Router Maintenance Guide for Longevity and EfficiencyIn essence, CNC router maintenance is a crucial set of tasks and checks that should be routinely conducted to optimise the performance and lifespan of your Tekcel CNC router. It not only prevents unexpected equipment failures but also extends the machine’s operational life, thereby ensuring the continued efficiency of your production operations. Creating … Read More