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Complete CNC Solutions is the trusted destination for reliable CNC routers that deliver exceptional performance. When you need CNC routers that work seamlessly, turn to us for the ultimate solution

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Tekcel CNC Routers


The compact Tekcel EXS doesn’t occupy much space, but it punches well above its weight, and above that of any of its competitors. The Tekcel EXS has the muscle to handle your biggest ideas. It’ll power its way through the biggest workloads. It’ll take on any application and job that comes its way. It’ll work with you now and long into the future. You can configure the Tekcel EXS to suit your applications needs and your budgets. SMALL SYSTEM. BIG FUTURE.

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Tekcel CNC Router EXS 1.5m x 2.5m


If you’re faced with tight deadlines, big workloads and stiff competition, make sure you come to the fight with the right weapon. It’s called the Tekcel EXR. People say it’s over-engineered. We don’t disagree. People say it’s amazingly productive.
People say it offers amazing value. Modesty forbids - but it does. Configure the Tekcel EXR your way. Lean and mean. Or fully booted and spurred. Either way, it’ll work and work hard.

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Tekcel CNC Router EXR 2m x 3m


The Tekcel EXL is configured to handle the largest format materials available. The most challenging jobs are all in a day’s work when there’s a Tekcel EXL in your workshop. The Tekcel EXL goes the distance and it won’t ever question how far. You’ll have all you need to get the job done.

Explore the configuration options available. You can make the Tekcel EXL your own and it’ll grow as you do. MAKE IT YOURS

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Tekcel CNC Router EXL 2m x 4m

CNC ROUTER - Addons & Upgrades

Adding innovative options & upgrades to your Tekcel CNC Router can instantly transform your production capabilities and therefore your profit.
Choose from wide range of “Cut to Print” Cameras, Knife cutting add ons, Dust Extraction systems, Mist Coolant Units, Pop Pins or additional Vacuum Hold Down Pumps. Or maybe just revamp your Vacuum Bed Surface, add some additional light safety guarding or fully upgrade your Control system with the latest Touchscreen technology.

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Tekcel CNC Router Addons & Upgrades

Complete CNC Solutions: Your Premier Source for Advanced CNC Routing Systems and Digital Cutters

At Complete CNC Solutions, we offer cutting-edge CNC routing systems and digital cutters that precisely meet the demanding requirements of modern manufacturing businesses. Our expertise is at the core of every system we provide, backed by top-tier technical support and a comprehensive inventory of tooling and accessories.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 26 years and a track record of hundreds of successful installations, we proudly rely on Tekcel as the driving force behind our solutions. These systems find application in a wide range of industries, including signage, display and graphics, woodworking, joinery, metal and plastics fabrication, and nested-based manufacturing.

Our commitment extends to businesses of all sizes, addressing fabrication and manufacturing challenges with practical and cost-effective solutions. Whether you require a customised machine configuration or need to process specialised materials, we are here to deliver.

Discover the power of Tekcel; it's more than just a system – it's a comprehensive manufacturing solution.

Complete CNC Solutions supply state-of-the-art CNC routing systems and digital cutters that meet the most exacting needs of manufacturing businesses today.

Excellent supportive company who know their machines inside and out and would recommend to anyone for training and support.

Jo Shaw | CNC Router Operator

It was a complete pleasure dealing with Complete CNC Solutions from the minute go... The demo day was excellent and the machine knowledge superb, not only do I like the machine I really like the people behind the company...

James H Sahota | Group 101

Complete CNC Solutions Ltd was the only supplier to fulfil our needs and requirements in terms of a new CNC router. The Tekcel brand is very well respected along with Complete CNC’s technical & aftersales support.

Derek Clarke | Delron Tech

It was great to deal with a company like Complete CNC Solutions Ltd during the purchase of our new Tekcel EXR 2m x 3m router. We look forward to a long working relationship together moving forward

Chris Stone | TMOS Ltd

We wanted to have the best equipment which complies with the highest quality, performance and efficiency. We’ve found this with the Tekcel EXR 2m x 3m supplied & supported by Complete CNC Solutions Ltd

Ray Adams | Pointe to Pointe Ltd