Alpha Sign Systems adds a Tekcel EXR computerised router to an already impressive stable of design and production hardware…

The late 1980s was a very interesting time in the development of the sign and allied industries. The late 80s marks the advent of computerised sign manufacturing and, therefore, the birth of the modern industry.

The arrival of the means to deliver computerised production on the doorstep of a craft-based industry was warmly welcomed by some and coldly shunned by others. Some saw it as a means to extend creativity and introduce a consistent basis to quality. Some perceived the nacent technology as an existential threat and something to fear. The passing of time says that those with the skills to best exploit the new hardware fared the best all. Among the very early adopters who today stand as a testament to creative use of technology is Alpha Sign Systems.

Alpha Sign Systems is located in bespoke premises in Weston Super Mare, minutes from the motorway network. On the basis that quality gravitates to quality, the company has a prestigious client portfolio and an unimpeachable reputation fuelled by its ethics, its creative capabilities, and its competence in managing and delivering projects of bewildering complexity.

Alpha Sign Systems was founded in 1988 and before the nineties had hit its stride had grown the original workforce of two to six. It was satisfying the needs of a discerning clientele including Williams F1 and Lloyds Bank among others. Buoyed by a continuing investment in manufacturing technology, and by a commitment to extract nothing less than the best from it, the company soon doubled in size and was delivering large projects over widely distributed sites. As the millennium turned, Alpha Sign Systems again found itself in the vanguard of technologically driven industry revolution. It was among the very first sign producers in the UK to realise the sheer creative potential and the latent productivity improvements that awaited those with the foresight to appreciate the power of digital print. Alpha Sign Systems invested and its customers were among the beneficiaries. More clients were attracted and another step-function phase of growth powered the company ahead of both competitors, and at the pace of what was then the leading edge of technology.

Today, Alpha Sign Systems is among the UK’s best equipped sign and graphics manufacturing companies. The compass of its creative capabilities and the extent of the solutions it can deliver to its appreciative markets only has the very loosest of bounds. Alpha Sign Systems is a source of opinion-leading product innovation. It makes things and it makes things happen. Though cast in the role of a signmaker, the company transcends its own remit and steps beyond traditionally written boundaries to give customers products that genuinely exceed what’s expected. It makes signs, but signs that are reflections of modern market need, and creative to their very core.

Alpha Sign Systems’ most recent investment in production technology replaced a computerised routing system that was nearing the limits of its capacity. To maintain service levels and to extend the company’s creative abilities further, the company consulted Complete CNC Solutions and, after some evaluation and production trials, elected to install a Tekcel EXR computerised routing systems. [LINK]

The new Tekcel system is bristling with recent innovations that Alpha Sign Systems has specified. Automated tool-changing will greatly facilitate the delivery of complex sign fabrications and ensure that the company can continue to maintain the high quality standards its sets itself. The system can also cut printed rigid materials in practically exact register using the supplied Opticam hardware further extending the considerable creative potential that underpins Alpha Signs Systems’ reputation. Overall quality is of course a given - quality gravitates to quality.

Julian Sage, Complete CNC Solutions’ Managing Director said of the Alpha Signs Systems installation, “The company’s decision to install a Tekcel router validates my belief in the quality of the systems we sell and support. In the hands of an enviably well equipped and creative concern like Alpha Sign Systems, the Tekcel EXR is a very potent system. I’m sure that the team there will be getting all sorts of tunes out of its investment that will be crossing the ‘inventive’ line and that they will be delivering some amazing output to their customers.”

John Teteris is Alpha Sign Systems’ Managing Director and one of the company’s founders, he added, “We’ve always welcomed the benefits that technology delivers to those who best know how to exploit it. Creativity isn’t something that can be canned and neither is imagination. At Alpha Sign Systems we see technology as a means of doing what creativity bids it to do. I’m sure the Tekcel will prove to be a great investment. It has the muscle to do what we ask of it and we welcome the capacity so we can maintain our service levels as we continue to grow.”