Bed Replacement


If the bed of your Tekcel router is looking a little scarred and unloved, it could be impairing your quality. Complete CNC Solutions can quickly restore it to pristine condition. The bed of your Tekcel computer controlled router is more than just a place to lay your materials. It’s what secures your workpieces during cutting and it provides a depth … Read More

Controller & Touch Screen Upgrade


Time and technology wait for no-one but Complete CNC Solutions and Tekcel won’t let events overtake you. We think our computerised routing hardware has the best brains in the business and is the easiest and most productive to use. That’s because we have a world class motion control system, and a unique, state of the art touchscreen interface. If you’d … Read More

Pop Up/Down Material Location Pins


When you need to get workpieces on the bed of your Tekcel CNC router in precisely the right position, time and time again, you’ll appreciate having our pop-up locator pins making the job easier than it ought to be. With pop up pins working with you, it’s possible to remove or turn workpieces from and on the bed and to … Read More

Safety Guarding System


Your Tekcel router does a brilliant job and works relentlessly to achieve its legendary productivity. It’s important that it stops working immediately though if operator safety is compromised. Complete CNC Solutions can help. Our safety guarding system is just about the most reliable and least intrusive way we know of protecting operator safety. It sets up an clearly delineated zone … Read More

High Pressure Mist Coolant System


Our High Pressure Mist Coolant System is an amazingly effective and easily used enhancement for your Tekcel CNC router that significantly improved its metal cutting performance. It works. And it works brilliantly. It delivers a very precise, metered high pressure flow of lubricating coolant and air right where needed. The highly atomised delivery evaporates to the extent needed to cool and … Read More

Additional Vac Pump


All Tekcel 2m x 3m CNC Routing systems are supplied as standard with a single 10HP/7.5kW Vacuum Hold Down Pump of which 99% of the time is more than capable of holding the most demanding of sheet materials. However, due to the forward thinking of the Tekcel manufacturer, along with its modular design format, if required, a Tekcel 2m x … Read More

Heavy Duty Wet / Dry Dust Extraction Systems


Given the range of material and variety of operations that a Tekcel router may confront in its working day, you’d expect us to have a heavy duty extraction system available so that it can cope with waste that chokes lesser machines. We do. It our Heavy Duty Extraction System. The system copes with anything you can throw at it. Prodigious … Read More

Tekcel OptiCut


Routers rout – right? So Tekcel routers equipped with its widely talented OptiCut Knife Cutting system opens many doors. That mean adding more value, to more materials, and in more ways than you imagined possible. Fit an OptiCut Knife Cutting system to your Tekcel CNC Router and you’ll give it a much wider role in your business. It’ll be taking … Read More

Tekcel OptiCam


With an OptiCam system fitted and enabled on your Tekcel router, you’ll discover that you can engage the very buoyant and profitable ‘cut to print’ market and deliver a whole range of new products and services to your customers. It’s simple. The OptiCam system comprises of a rather ingenious and specialised camera and some very sophisticated firmware/software that does the … Read More