Bed Replacement


If the bed of your Tekcel router is looking a little scarred and unloved, it could be impairing your quality. Complete CNC Solutions can quickly restore it to pristine condition.

The bed of your Tekcel computer controlled router is more than just a place to lay your materials. It’s what secures your workpieces during cutting and it provides a depth datum so that your materials are cut cleanly & accurately.

On a hardworking and well used machine like a Tekcel CNC Router, it’s a statistical certainty that, at some point, unintended cuts will be made into the bed. Over time, these scars accumulate and eventually they can compromise the performance of the bed. Complete CNC Solutions can restore your bed to like-new condition.

Our process involves stripping off the old bedding material and cleaning the components ready to receive the new material. We then ensure the machine is fully square and aligned, so as we can re-hole, pocket and finally skim the new surface. When that process is finished, you’re left with a bed that’s as near perfectly indexed as we know how. The words ‘like new’ come to mind.


A new bed will restore the efficiency of your vacuum material hold-down and help work resist the temptation to move during cutting. That means better edges, fewer remakes, less waste and lower cost. Sounds like a great idea because it is.

All you need to do is contact Complete CNC Solutions to arrange to have your bed rejuvenated. Our engineering team will deliver the services and, who knows, they may even be able to show you some new cutters and other options to enhance your Tekcel router while they’re there.