Heavy Duty Wet / Dry Dust Extraction Systems


Given the range of material and variety of operations that a Tekcel router may confront in its working day, you’d expect us to have a heavy duty extraction system available so that it can cope with waste that chokes lesser machines. We do. It our Heavy Duty Extraction System.

The system copes with anything you can throw at it. Prodigious amounts of plastics from pocketing operations. A tiny bit of dust from a light engraving job and even wet metal waste from profiling.. It does it all - so you can too.

Clean extraction is a massive productivity boost. Less machine clean-up saves operator hours and machines time. Add those together and you’re saving money.

It’s the right tool. Whatever job comes its way.

The Tekcel Heavy Duty Extraction system is designed to take off where the standard system supplied passes the baton. The standard system outguns other systems and takes the day in its stride, but the Heavy Duty System adds muscles and capacity.

With the Heavy Duty Extraction System fitted, you’ve built yet more capacity into your Tekcel router. It’ll do more with less operator attention. It’ll work for longer without babysitting. It’ll save time - every minute of the day.

The Heavy Duty System doesn’t impose new learning. It just helps you do more. And do it cleanly. It’s quiet. It’s fuss free. It’s reliable and it works without complaint with any of the materials your customers require you cut - with or without coolants applied.