Pop Up/Down Material Location Pins


When you need to get workpieces on the bed of your Tekcel CNC router in precisely the right position, time and time again, you’ll appreciate having our pop-up locator pins making the job easier than it ought to be.

With pop up pins working with you, it’s possible to remove or turn workpieces from and on the bed and to precisely relocate them when you’ve performed an off-bed step on the job.

It’s easy and it really is one of those situation where once used you’ll never want to be without them. Tekcel routers are packed with features and available options that make life so much easier and operations, that much more productive and reliable. Pop-Up Locator Pins are a really great example.

They’re there when you need them but they retract completely out of the way once they’ve done the job you need them to do and so don’t intrude or interfere with the cutting process at all.

When deployed the Pop-Up Locator Pins provide a very solid and reliable location datum that works with abstract and regularly shaped workpieces with equal aptitude. They won’t wear out. There’s nothing to replace. And once used, you’ll rely on them totally.

Job setup is everything on a relentlessly productive machine like a Tekcel CNC Router. So why not make the process easier, more reliable, and endlessly repeatable? You can, with the help of Pop-Up Locator Pins.