Tekcel OptiCam


With an OptiCam system fitted and enabled on your Tekcel router, you’ll discover that you can engage the very buoyant and profitable ‘cut to print’ market and deliver a whole range of new products and services to your customers. It’s simple.

The OptiCam system comprises of a rather ingenious and specialised camera and some very sophisticated firmware/software that does the hard work for you. The system detects, registers and then maps simple registration cues that are inserted into your print. You then create your required toolpaths and the technology takes over and appropriately, the machine cuts your required path around your printed media. Simple as pressing a button and you’re pretty much routing printed material.

The OptiCam system is fast. It’s simple to use. It’s unerringly accurate. You can add significant value to your print production - with OptiCam.

The applications for routing printed matter on rigid materials using your router are so extensive that they will probably never be fully explored. That’s not going to stop you trying though if you fit the system.

OptiCam doesn’t just save time, operator input and money. It fully enables creativity too. Suddenly, anything you print can be contour and detail cut using the  most productive hardware around - Tekcel. Unlike cutting operations you’d consider using a flatbed digital cutter, you’re getting the full-bore capability of a well-muscled router. It’s faster. It’s cleaner. And it won’t turn away if the material you want to cut is a bit thick or tough.

The most powerful cut to print system out there is the one you can actually use to do anything that comes your way. It has Tekcel on the label. And it has the OptiCam registration system on the gantry.