High Pressure Mist Coolant System


Our High Pressure Mist Coolant System is an amazingly effective and easily used enhancement for your Tekcel CNC router that significantly improved its metal cutting performance.

It works. And it works brilliantly. It delivers a very precise, metered high pressure flow of lubricating coolant and air right where needed. The highly atomised delivery evaporates to the extent needed to cool and lubricates to the extent needed to ensure free cutting.

All you’re left with is a clean cut, an unstressed cutting tool and barely a trace of evidence that a misting system was used at all. 

Routing metals doesn’t have to be intimidating or error prone. Not if you have our High Pressure Mist Coolant System fitted.

Routing metals cleanly, consistently and without burring and breakage dramas isn’t the challenge it once was. Not now our High Pressure Mist Coolant System is available. It yields great output. It cleans up your act too - you’ll barely know it’s being used.

Its high-pressure delivery cuts through and directs the cooling mist & air right where it can do its job. That kind of cut-through and accuracy means you need less coolant and lubricant. That means less mess and lower operating costs. How’s that sound?

The system is technically advanced and it’s beautifully integrated. Turn it on when it’s needed. Turn it off when it’s not. There’s no trailing nozzles or loose delivery pipes to get in the way of progress. It’s an advance. And if you rout metals, you’re ready for it.