10mm diameter Twin Flute Compression Cutter – Coated

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CC800DC 10-30-10

CC800DC Compression Cutters are manufactured from high quality, solid carbide and have both up and down spiral flute action. These CC800DC cutters are specially coated with Tekcelex, a “Diamond Like Carbon” surface finish treatment, which is extremely hard wearing and very smooth.

They offer a brilliant edge finish while maintaining sharper cutting edges than uncoated tools, which in turn offers excellent material yield. These tools are specifically designed to produce a first class face finish on both surfaces of sheet materials used in Shop Fitting, Exhibition Build, Kitchen & Cabinet making and Foam Convertors.

A “Ramp” style entry plunge should be used and the centre of the CC800DC cutter should align with the centre of the material to be most effective. The use of a sacrificial board is also essential.

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Coated Twin Flute Up/Down Cut Recommended for
Fire Retardant MDF, MDF, Plywood, MFC, Chipboard, OSB, Hard wood, Soft wood, Veneers, Laminates

(If the sheet material you want to machine is not listed, please contact us for advice)