Better Cutting Performance. Longer Cutter Life.


Tekcelex is a remarkable new coating that has been developed to both prolong the life of cutters and router tooling that are used for cutting abrasive materials, and to help deliver better results throughout the life of the cutter. Complete CNC Solutions offers a complete range of cutting tools suitable for use in any computerised CNC router. The range has … Read More

Cut Correx With A Router? YES, YOU CAN.


Complete CNC Solutions’ cutter range now includes a specially designed and manufactured tool for cutting Correx using a router . It’s not a knife! Correx, and other fluted boards are hugely popular materials used for making folded and fabricated structures and lightweight, low-cost signs. Now, thanks to the introduction of an improved router cutting tool, owners of CNC routers can … Read More



Complete CNC Solutions reports great results from Sign and Digital with customers investing in Tekcel hardware for reasons they choose… Sign and Digital presents those who’re shopping for major equipment such as printers, routers and digital cutters with the opportunity to see all the hardware that’s on their shopping list in one place and on the same day. No surprise … Read More