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Complete CNC Solutions was established to supply manufacturing companies in the sign and display, industry and in other market sectors, with a range of CNC routing and cutting systems. We also extend application development expertise and technical support services. Complete CNC Solutions is succeeding - because its customers are too.

Today, Complete CNC Solutions offers application-targeted hardware from Tekcel and Protek. Complete CNC Solutions services, repairs and maintains. Complete CNC Solutions consults and configures routing and CNC cutting hardware perfectly tailored to application and customer needs.


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  Protek Unico TT

Thanks to the interplay of highly evolved mechanical engineering and an optimised and matched control and drive system, the affordable and productive Unico TT produces results in a single operation that look like they’ve been through additional finishing processes. You won’t believe what you see.

The Unico TT isn’t just smart and precise though. It’s productive too. Even processing the most resistant materials, it turns the biggest workloads into finished products quickly, cleanly and with minimal operator involvement. That means more output produced in less time and at lower cost. The Unico TT gets you to the finish - faster.

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